Our Pricing Philosophy

The practice of law has been around for hundreds of years, and so have the pricing strategies of many attorneys! At DW Le we understand the pressures of financial restraints in family and business (we are entrepreneurs ourselves). To that end, we do as much work via a flat fee structure as possible. 

We are confident that our pricing is competitive and will gladly provide that without you having to call and face a sales pitch. We are always available for questions - reach out to us here.


Fine Print

We're lawyers so we can't do anything without some type of disclaimer. Here's the ones for the pricing listed above: 

*These prices are based on average domestic cases of their nature. If your case is heavily contested or involves facts that make it overly complex an hourly fee will be used instead of the flat fee presented on this page. It is our goal to use flat fee pricing as often as possible as it frees up our attorneys to perform actual legal work as opposed to billing; if we can reasonably use these prices, we will. 

**There are many fees associated with litigation, including court costs, mediator fees, and a whole host of others. The fees listed above do not include any of those fees so you'll be responsible for such fees in addition to what you pay us.

Finally, listing these prices does not guarantee that we'll take your case. There are many factors involved in deciding what cases to take and whether we'll be able to provide you the best counsel for your situation. Different attorneys do better with different cases and we're well aware of our strengths and weaknesses. If we do not take your case, we'll tell you why and probably refer you to someone better suited for your situation - that advice is free!